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8th Grade Experiences Kent State’s KnitLab & Fashion Program

Streetsboro, Ohio

On Friday, April 14th, Kent State University’s School of Fashion welcomed 8th-grade students from Streetsboro Middle School for a field trip to its KnitLab. The students participated in three different activities to gain a better understanding of fashion, design, and knitting.

The first activity took place in TechStyleLAB, where the students were introduced to CLO3D, a software used in garment design. They learned how this software can be used to create virtual clothing, test different materials, and experiment with different designs.

Next, the students moved on to a 2D to 3D exercise, where they draped different materials over objects to understand the connection between 2D shapes and 3D shapes. This helped them to see how different materials and designs can be manipulated to create unique shapes and textures.

Finally, the students were given a short overview of the industrial knitting machines in the DI Hub. They worked in pairs on the software stations to create a 2-color jacquard pattern that was knit out. This allowed them to see how their designs could be turned into physical products using modern technology.

Linda Öhrn-McDaniel, who leads the design curriculum as Professor and Industry Coordinator at Kent State’s School of Fashion, was impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and engagement.

She said, “It was so great to see the students in action today. They were all very engaged and enthusiastic!”

Throughout the day, the students also had the opportunity to quickly tour Rockwell Hall, the Kent State University Center for the Visual Arts Building, and Cartwright Hall. They gained valuable insight into the fashion industry and the different careers available within it.

The field trip was a great success, giving the students a chance to explore the world of fashion and design in a fun and interactive way.

The School of Fashion hopes to continue to inspire and educate young people interested in pursuing careers in this exciting field, and Streetsboro Schools plans to continue the newly established relationship with the school and Kent State and the many opportunities it might open up for students in the future.