BOE | Regular Board Meeting March 14, 2019

March 14, 2019By Streetsboro City SchoolsBoard Meetings 2019, BOE, District News

Regular Board Meeting March 14, 2019, with resources to agendas, minutes, and live stream.

Live Stream


Full agenda available here.

1. Opening of Meeting

A. Call to Order, Welcome and Roll Call – 6:00 PM
B. Pledge of Allegiance – 6:01 PM
C. Public Comments – NONE

2. Approval of Minutes – 6:04 PM

3. Reports – 6:04 PM

A. Superintendent’s Report – 6:04 PM – Several student presentations, reports, updates, and commendations.

  • HS Community Connection presentations
  • Chrissy Motz- Polar Plunge
  • Did You Know….. Streetsboro Elementary – 6:30 PM
  • Tangible Personal Property Tax Presentation- Mike/CJ
  • TIF Discussion – 7 PM
  • Print/Spend Report- Andreas Johansson –
  • Track access and facility requests.
  • Projected cuts if levy passes ($600,000)

B. Treasurer’s Report – 7:55 PM
C. Board Reports – 8 PM

4. Consent Agenda Items – 8:05 PM

A. Approval of Consent Agenda Items
B. Financial Reports
C. Donations
D. Revised Purpose & Budget
E. One Call Now Agreement
F. SPARCC Internet Agreement
G. KidsLink Agreement
H. Kent State Communications Site License Amendment
I. College Credit Plus MOU with Cuyahoga Community College
J. Student Teacher Stipend
K. Monarch School Agreement
M. Memorandum of Understanding
N. Leave of Absence
O. Resignations
P. Hiring of Personnel

5. Superintendent’s Recommendations – 8:07 PM

A. Settlement Agreement
B. Settlement Agreement
C. Hiring of Personnel
D. Resignation

6. Treasurer’s Recommendations – 8:16 PM

A. Tax Rates & Amounts for Fiscal Year 2020
B. OSBA CompManagement Group Rating Program

7. New Business

8. Old Business

9. Board President’s Recommendation – 8:18 PM

A. Addition of School Zone Lights
B. Approval of New Policies
C. Policy Updates
D. Executive Session – 8:21 PM

10. Adjournment

A. Adjourn the Meeting

SHS | Principal’s Message, 13 March, 2019

March 14, 2019By Streetsboro City SchoolsHigh School News

Dear Streetsboro High School Families,

The third academic quarter is complete, we are one week (seven school days) from Spring Break and, as if these facts are not enough to remind us that the end of the year is near, caps & gowns were distributed to our seniors today during lunchtime.  The class of 2019 is deciding where they will be next fall – which college campus, which career or job they will pursue. Our current junior, sophomore and freshmen classes are busy deciding which courses they will request for next year, while our current eighth graders (and their parents) are beginning to familiarize themselves with SHS and our school community.   (more…)

SCS | Transportation Team Engaged in Fire Extinguisher Training

March 13, 2019By Streetsboro City SchoolsDistrict News, Transportation

Streetsboro City Schools worked together with Streetsboro Fire Department to provide fire extinguisher training to all bus drivers and aides in the early hours of March 13, 2019. Transportation Interim Director Andreas Johansson had arranged for the training as part of a series aimed at better preparing the drive team for emergencies while in and around the school bus. (more…)

SCS | Streetsboro Educational Foundation Grant Funds VR Goggle Kit from Google

March 12, 2019By Streetsboro City SchoolsDistrict News, Elementary School News, Henry Defer Intermediate School News, High School News, Middle School News, Technology News

Thanks to a grant awarded in the amount of $3,270 to Mrs. Thomson (District Librarian and Media Specialist) by the Streetsboro Educational Foundation, students now have the opportunity to go on Google Expeditions using (VR) virtual reality goggles. (more…)

SCS | PRESS RELEASE March 11, 2019

March 11, 2019By Streetsboro City SchoolsALERT, BOE, District News, Elementary School News, Henry Defer Intermediate School News, High School News, Middle School News

March 11, 2019

The City of Streetsboro has agreed to pay the Streetsboro City School District $625,000 to resolve the District’s lawsuit over its claim that the City had failed to make required payments under a revenue sharing agreement through 2017. In exchange, the District has agreed to dismiss its lawsuit. The District and the City further agreed to negotiate a new revenue sharing agreement to address future property tax abatements. (more…)

RCN | Maplewood students construct concession stands, press boxes for Streetsboro

March 7, 2019By Streetsboro City SchoolsDistrict News, Record-Courier

Since the second month of the school year, in the sunshine and in snow, students have been at the fields every day building twin two-story structures that will serve as press boxes and concession stands for the softball and baseball programs. Maplewood students, under the guidance of carpentry teacher Ted Georger and electric teacher Joe Svonavec, are currently building the structures at no cost to the district.

Read the rest of the story, here.

SCS | Educators Recognized for Excellence in Digital Skills Education

March 6, 2019By Streetsboro City SchoolsDistrict News, Elementary School News, Henry Defer Intermediate School News, Middle School News, Technology News

Streetsboro City Schools partner with various vendors to provide excellence in instruction. Districts that partner with all have one goal in common – to equip their students with the Digital Literacy skills needed to succeed in high school and beyond. (more…)