Regular Board Meeting March 14, 2019, with resources to agendas, minutes, and live stream.

Live Stream


Full agenda available here.

1. Opening of Meeting

A. Call to Order, Welcome and Roll Call – 6:00 PM
B. Pledge of Allegiance – 6:01 PM
C. Public Comments – NONE

2. Approval of Minutes – 6:04 PM

3. Reports – 6:04 PM

A. Superintendent’s Report – 6:04 PM – Several student presentations, reports, updates, and commendations.

  • HS Community Connection presentations
  • Chrissy Motz- Polar Plunge
  • Did You Know….. Streetsboro Elementary – 6:30 PM
  • Tangible Personal Property Tax Presentation- Mike/CJ
  • TIF Discussion – 7 PM
  • Print/Spend Report- Andreas Johansson –
  • Track access and facility requests.
  • Projected cuts if levy passes ($600,000)

B. Treasurer’s Report – 7:55 PM
C. Board Reports – 8 PM

4. Consent Agenda Items – 8:05 PM

A. Approval of Consent Agenda Items
B. Financial Reports
C. Donations
D. Revised Purpose & Budget
E. One Call Now Agreement
F. SPARCC Internet Agreement
G. KidsLink Agreement
H. Kent State Communications Site License Amendment
I. College Credit Plus MOU with Cuyahoga Community College
J. Student Teacher Stipend
K. Monarch School Agreement
M. Memorandum of Understanding
N. Leave of Absence
O. Resignations
P. Hiring of Personnel

5. Superintendent’s Recommendations – 8:07 PM

A. Settlement Agreement
B. Settlement Agreement
C. Hiring of Personnel
D. Resignation

6. Treasurer’s Recommendations – 8:16 PM

A. Tax Rates & Amounts for Fiscal Year 2020
B. OSBA CompManagement Group Rating Program

7. New Business

8. Old Business

9. Board President’s Recommendation – 8:18 PM

A. Addition of School Zone Lights
B. Approval of New Policies
C. Policy Updates
D. Executive Session – 8:21 PM

10. Adjournment

A. Adjourn the Meeting