Winter has started, and that means colder temperatures, hazardous roadways, and less than optimal conditions to wait at a bus stop. Our drivers always do their best to make sure the ride to and from school is as safe as possible, and we need your help to make sure the kids are safe before getting on the bus, and after getting off the bus in the afternoon.

Here’s what the law says about kids at or arriving to a bus stop.

Ohio Revised Code 3301-83-08.C.1-3 states that students need to arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive, and students must wait in a location clear of traffic and away from the bus stops.

What does that mean?

We ask that your student be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive, and ready to go. We understand that when the weather is bad it’s tempting to have them wait in your car or inside the house, but it is crucial they are at the designated stop on time to keep our routes on time.

It’s ok to have them wait in your car, as long as they are immediately ready to go at the bus stop when the bus gets there. Kids running from all directions once a bus pulls up is unsafe, and could cause an accident.

If you’re unsure of what time pickup in the morning happens, contact the Transportation office for those details.

Here’s what the law says about kids being dropped off at a bus stop.

Ohio Revised Code 3301-83-13.B.6 states that each student shall be assigned a designated place of safety on the residence side of the roadway on which the vehicle is scheduled to stop.

Our drivers must account for each student at the designated place of safety before leaving the bus stop. Students may not go towards their residence until the school bus has departed.

What does that mean?

We ask that the students stay in the place of safety until the bus pulls away. If they’re unsure of where that is, check with the driver or with the Transportation office for further guidance.

Wait, there’s more!

Ohio Revised Code 3301-83-08 has some additional language about how kids are expected to behave once on and riding the bus. Specifically, students are expected to go directly to their assigned seat and take a seat before the bus can continue on its route. Students should remain seated for the whole ride, and observe classroom conduct while respectfully taking directions from the driver.

Unless for medical reasons, students or anyone else on a school bus, should not eat or drink while on the bus – doing so can cause a medical emergency from potential choking hazards, food allergies, or other issues.

Thanks for helping us make this winter season the best yet!

– Streetsboro Transportation Team