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District’s Educators Shine at Educational Conferences

Celebrating Academic Excellence and Innovation in Seattle and New York

As a forward-thinking school district, we are proud to highlight the remarkable achievements of our teachers and staff, who recently presented at two prestigious conferences. These events provided an exceptional platform for sharing our district’s commitment to educational excellence and innovation.

AP® Annual Conference: A Hub of Educational Innovation

From July 19-22, 2023, two educators, Kelly Simmons and Jeff Rainer, participated in the AP® Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington. This significant event, held annually, draws thousands of professionals from the Advanced Placement (AP) and Pre-AP® communities.

Attendees include a diverse mix of new and experienced AP teachers across all 39 AP courses, AP chief readers, coordinators, counselors, superintendents, and principals. The conference focuses on developing methods to increase equity and access to the AP® Program.

Our district’s presentation on July 21, 2023 was a testament to our commitment to educational advancement. Kelly and Jeff shared insights into the growth of our district’s AP program and its students, emphasizing innovative teaching strategies that support more students in AP courses.

A highlight of the conference was the recognition of Jeff’s exceptional approach to teaching AP United States History (APUSH). His innovative methods caught the attention of the author of our AP US History textbook, “Fabric of a Nation,” who was present during our session. We are thrilled to announce that Jeff has been invited to become a contributing author to the Teacher’s Edition of the latest edition of this textbook.

This is a significant acknowledgment of his expertise and a fantastic opportunity for our district to nationally influence United States History teaching methodologies.

College Board Forum: Bridging K-12 and Higher Education

The educational journey continued at the College Board Forum from November 1-3, 2023, in New York, New York. Kelly and Jeff once again represented our district, presenting on November 2nd. The College Board Forum is an essential gathering of educators from higher education and K-12 sectors. It addresses critical issues related to student access to higher education and preparation for post-secondary opportunities.

The Forum was an excellent opportunity to showcase our district’s strides in preparing students for higher education. Our team discussed strategies to enhance access to AP courses and shared our successes in fostering a college-going culture among our students.

Looking to the Future with Optimism and Determination

These presentations at national conferences not only celebrate our current achievements but also set the stage for future growth and development. We are immensely proud of Kelly Simmons and Jeff Rainer for their dedication and contributions to our district’s success. Their involvement at these conferences underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of educational excellence and innovation.

As we look forward, we remain dedicated to providing our students with the best educational experiences possible, preparing them for success in an ever-changing world. Our participation in these conferences is just one of the many ways we are actively engaged in shaping the future of education.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from our district as we continue to lead, innovate, and inspire!