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SPD & SCS Host FLETC Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program

Streetsboro, OH — In a collaborative effort to enhance emergency medical response capabilities, the Streetsboro Police Department and Streetsboro City Schools hosted the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program.

Two police officers render aid to a fellow comrade in a simulated knife attack.

This rigorous three-day program took place at the Police Department and the school district’s Annex building, attracting participants from across Ohio and even from the Detroit Police Department.

The Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program is designed to provide participants with critical skills to prevent loss of life in high-stress, low-resource environments.

The program includes a mix of lectures, lab sessions, and hands-on skill practice. Attendees gain essential knowledge in addressing life-threatening injuries when faced with limited medical equipment, untrained personnel, and delayed evacuation times.

A police officer reacts to a simulated car crash victim while an instructor applies fake blood to a severed appendage.

The course objectives centered around the MARCH protocol: Massive Hemorrhage, Airway management, Respiration, Circulation, and Head Injuries & Hypothermia, and reacting to hot, warm, and cold tactical environments.

Students learned to apply various manufactured and improvised tourniquets, chest seals, and wound-packing techniques. Additionally, they received training in other bleeding control applications, scene management, and critical incident command techniques.

The comprehensive training also featured real-world scenarios and debriefing sessions to reinforce learning and enable graduates to lead instruction in this course at their home organization, backed by the FLETC resources.

A police officer checks for additional injuries after applying a tourniquet to stop bleeding.

Several Streetsboro police officers, including School Resource Officer Kyle French and Streetsboro Schools’ Director of Operations Andreas Johansson, completed the course. The course attracted officers from various parts of Ohio and beyond, underscoring the program’s wide-reaching impact.

Lt. Richard Polivka, who played a pivotal role in organizing and inviting FLETC to host the training, emphasized the importance of such programs: “This training is crucial for our officers to handle life-threatening situations effectively. The skills learned here can make a significant difference in critical moments.”

Andreas Johansson, who participated as a student and coordinated the hosting facilities and materials, added, “We are proud to support this vital training. It’s an excellent example of our community’s commitment to safety and preparedness.”

This intensive training marks a significant step in enhancing school personnel and law enforcement officers’ tactical medical response capabilities, ultimately contributing to the safety and well-being of the community.

If you have any questions about this event, contact Andreas Johansson, Director of Operations at Streetsboro City Schools at