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HDI | 5th Grade Visits Kent State’s DI Hub

28 February 2023

“Cardboard tubes, some tape, construction paper, a robot, and some hot glue. Ready? Go!”

Kent State’s DI Hub Crew

Two 5th-grade classes from Henry Defer Intermediate School visited Kent State’s DI Hub yesterday as part of their Maker Monday initiative incorporating hands-on learning and problem-solving.

Students from Ms. Collins and Mr. Frost’s classes traveled to Kent mid-morning to participate in a variety of hands-on challenges as presented by the DI Hub’s staff made up of college students and full-time staff.

Design Innovation (DI) at Kent State is a university-wide initiative with representation across the eight-campus system. DI at Kent State is a dynamic continuum of spaces, events, and people dedicated to ideas, innovation, and creation through interdisciplinary collaboration.

It’s a meeting of bright minds and dynamic people seeking challenges and solving real-world problems.

DI at Kent State is also fun, engaging students, faculty, and staff to collaborate, interact and brilliantly create in exciting, new ways.

Over the past few years, Streetsboro Schools have developed a relationship with multiple opportunities for our students at Kent State through the Technology Integration team, headed by the District Technology Coach Dan Stitzel.

The school district now has connections and holds field trips or extended learning opportunities at KSU for 3rd-grade, 5th-grade, soon to be 8th grade, and high school students.

This was the first of many trips for 5th-grade students, and as students continue to visit through the spring semester, the district hopes to shape the program into a permanent fixture in the curriculum.

If you have any questions about tech integration in our classroom, or challenge-based curriculum, STEM, or Maker Mondays – contact us directly at