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Inclement Weather/School Closing – Decision Process & Communications Procedure

January 22, 2023

Inclement Weather/School Closing – 
Decision Process & Communications Procedure

Inclement weather is always a concern in Northeast Ohio. With this in mind, we want to remind you of our procedures for a school closing in the event of dangerous conditions.

Please note that parents may always choose to keep their children home if they sincerely feel there is a weather-related safety risk for their children.

These absences would be recorded as excused, with make-up work provided to the student if the weather was questionable in the school district that day (as determined by the Superintendent).

The decision to call off school due to inclement weather begins the evening before a forecasted weather pattern, is reviewed again at around 5:00 AM, and includes analysis of the following information that is known at the time:

  • Weather and radar reports, including temperature forecasts
  • Personal observation of road conditions (if applicable)
  • Input from local law enforcement and Streetsboro City Service Department
  • Input from district maintenance and snow removal personnel (if applicable)
  • When necessary, school personnel drive the roads to determine the conditions
  • Input and discussions with superintendents from neighboring districts

When all this information is gathered, the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Chief Business Officer, and Director of Operations jointly decide to close the schools if deemed necessary.

Our objective is to communicate the decision no later than 6:00 AM as school buses are beginning to depart for their morning runs at that time.

However, in isolated cases, it may become necessary to make the decision after that time.

Weather conditions can change rapidly, for better or for worse, but we intend to determine whether it is safe for students and staff to attend school as early as possible.

Once the decision has been made to close schools, the district will communicate any school closing via the following channels:

  • The school’s messenger system / all-call solution
  • Update the district’s social media pages:
    • Twitter: @Streetsboro_Sup + @streetsborosd
    • Facebook: @scsrockets
  • Announcement on the district website
  • Update to local television stations

It is strongly suggested that parents/guardians subscribe to the text/email notification systems now offered by the major Cleveland television stations to receive school closing information as soon as it becomes available.

All parents (with known non-blocked telephone numbers) will receive an automated phone call indicating that the school has been closed for the day.

If school is closed and you did not receive a call you must confirm your telephone contact information in Final Forms, as we use the most recent telephone numbers on file for sending automated messages.

Again, safety is our highest priority, and we strive to make the best possible decision with the information available at the time.

Unfortunately, weather conditions can change quickly in our area, and we even see significant differences across the 25 square miles of our school district at times.

We work to make the best possible decision with the information we have available. Please do not hesitate to contact the district if you require additional information in this regard.

R. Michael Daulbaugh

Last updated: January 22, 2023 at 18:31 pm

To see the local weather station data we use to make weather-related decisions, click here to see live data from the Annex.

This is the forecast tool we use to look ahead for local Streetsboro weather, including snow, rain, and temperature patters.