Business Operations

“Excellence in Service to Others”

About Us

Welcome to the Business Operations Team! We’re comprised of multiple smaller teams that makes school function effectively.

Our teams include Transportation, Technology, Food Services, Facilities, and Maintenance. We also oversee school safety implementations, process improvement projects, district business opportunities, and more.

Our team provides a one-stop experience for school operations on campus and elsewhere. Building projects, 1:1 devices, graduation, state assessments, conference rooms, school picnics, field trips, and more – we’ll deliver so you can perform!

Contact Us

Business Operations Team
The Annex Building
Streetsboro City Schools
1951 Annalane, Streetsboro OH 44241

(330) 626-4900 ext. 1400

Team Members

C.J. Scarcipino
Chief Business Officer
(330) 626-4900


E. Andreas Johansson
Director of Operations
(330) 626-4900


Amanda Hall
Transportation Supervisor
(330) 626-4909


David Clark
Maintenance Supervisor
(330) 626-4900 ext. 1605


Matt Pettit
Director of Food & Nutrition
(330) 626-4900 ext. 1510


Rick Alleshouse
Network & Field Technician
(330) 626-4900


Dan Stitzel
District Technology Coach
(330) 626-4900

Administrative Support

Alana Links
Operations Executive Administrative Assistant
(330) 626-4900 ext. 1400


Judy Puster
Maintenance Secretary
330 626-4900 ext. 1606


Von Starkey
Transportation Secretary
(330) 626-4909

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