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PRESS RELEASE – 9 FEB 2023 – RE: Police Report / Attack at Bus Stop


Streetsboro police are investigating an alleged suspect who reportedly attacked a minor as she was heading to the school bus stop on Wednesday morning.

The incident was reported several hours later to the school district’s police resource officer while the student was at school. Out of caution, Streetsboro police officers are focusing additional patrols around school bus stops in the mornings this week.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, and they’re trying to look for any witnesses or surveillance video of the attack.

Streetsboro City Schools are working closely with the police department, our Transportation Department, building administration, and additional resources to review the incident and take steps to increase awareness and security around school transportation.

If you have any questions about school safety or school transportation in general, contact the district immediately at either or

Anyone with information about the alleged incident this week should call the police department dispatch at (330) 626-4976 or email