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PRESS RELEASE: Canceled classes for grades 9-12

Streetsboro City School District
Press Release
May 15, 2023

The Streetsboro City School District canceled classes for grades 9-12 because of a senior prank that made it impossible to have classes at the high school. A small number of students were permitted to enter the High School on Sunday night and leave balloons and streamers as a senior prank.

A select number of administrators were informed that students would enter the building with adult supervision to conduct the prank. Clearly, the “prank” got out of hand.

While school property was moved out of classrooms, no school property was damaged. Several students did show up on Monday to admit their involvement and help clean up the mess that they had created.

The District apologizes to the staff whose property was either disturbed or moved out of their classrooms and to the staff tasked with cleaning up the mess the students left behind.

The High School will reopen for classes on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.