“It is said that Isa will descend at this time on the Day of Judgment to defeat Dajjal. In English, the 89th and 113th surahs of the Qurʹan are usually named after this time of day. A prayer recited at this time has two obligatory rakʹats. The sahur meal is eaten before this time of day, which is when the fajr prayer is recited. Name this time of day at which fasting begins during Ramadan.”

Within 5 seconds of finishing the question, a player must buzz in to answer without consulting a teammate or their phones. The team who answers correctly is then given the opportunity to answer 3 follow-up questions. This back and forth style of questioning lasts for 24 toss-up questions or 30 minutes, whatever comes first, often with matches ending in tense, down-to-the-last battles.

This is Quiz Bowl, an activity that focuses on the scholastic ability of our students. Streetsboro has had several strong seasons in the past few years, with three bids to Small School National tournaments in the past four years. This year, the varsity team earned a second place finish in our division. This year, students will film an episode of Academic Challenge for Channel 5 News.

The activity, coached by Molly Klodor and captained by Danielle Dupree and Karan Ingle, is an opportunity for students to showcase their smarts in a variety of subjects, from math to music, genetics to generals, sports to sonnets.

Streetsboro has a Varsity and Junior Varsity team that competes against area schools in matches and tournaments from October to March. All year, students study specific topics where they can excel. There’s no telling when you might know the answer, so players must always be prepared and listen carefully for clues throughout the entire question.

Once a teammate answers correctly, the team can work together to answer the follow-up questions. Teammates must rely on each other to have studied the material. In addition to the challenging questions, members must act quickly.

The activity teaches more than just scholastic ability – it requires speed, confidence, and teamwork. And Streetsboro’s students do it well.

The answer to the question? Dawn.