1 District News Rocket Update

🚀 Rocket Updates – 16 DEC 2022

Dear Streetsboro Families:

Despite the recent troubling incidents requiring district-wide phone notifications and police involvement, please know there continues to be so many good things happening here in our schools. Especially during this exciting time of year, it’s disappointing for all of us that the negative events so often overshadow the good that’s happening all around us.

We don’t have to look very far to find evidence of good kids and staff doing the right things here in Streetsboro! It’s my hope that the barrage of positive daily “tweets” and other social media posts warms your heart like it does mine.

Choir and band concerts, students putting themselves on the line in the winter sports competitions, even our little ones beginning to read aloud are all examples of the quality work and joyful experiences on display each and every day here at SCS.

We even got a glimpse of “Nutcracker Basketball” in the intermediate music room this week and a “friendly elf” directing the Defer Choir in the high school auditorium! Most importantly, we have observed so much laughter and so many smiles. Although this can be exhausting time of year for us adults, many students once again have really enjoyed all the magic this time of year brings.

In the midst of all this excitement, first semester diagnostic benchmark tests in reading and math were completed. These MAP tests help teachers determine next steps in their instructional plan for the second semester.

Our high school students prepared for and completed their first semester exams as well. Rest assured, we have a commitment to using this collected data to make a difference for our students as we kick off the new year.

I also want to once again give a huge shout out to our district PTA. The various building committees continued to spoil us all with great food and treats. Did you know the PTA helped send our entire 5th grade class to the McKinley Museum in Canton last week? I believe this was the first field trip for these students.

Sending an entire grade level off-campus for a day of enrichment is no small task. Kudos to our transportation department and the Defer team for making this happen. This extra effort does not go unnoticed.

“It takes a village” may seem cliche, but we really do have a great community to raise and educate kids. Over the last two weeks the Streetsboro Dairy Queen donated ice cream rewards to over 400 students as part of our PBIS initiatives. This is just another example of the many reasons we ought to celebrate all the good we have going on here.

In closing, it’s incredibly important to provide details of any safety concerns as soon as they arise on our social media platforms. I hope this letter serves as a reminder that the vast majority of students we get to serve come to school ready to learn and find joy in the adult relationships our staff provides. Please join me in thanking our kids who are here to make a positive difference in our learning community.

The long awaited winter break begins this afternoon. Students will return to class bright and early Tuesday, January 3rd after our staff professional development and planning day on January 2nd.

To you and yours, Happy Holidays and of course GO ROCKETS!


R. Michael Daulbaugh