1 District News Rocket Update

🚀 Rocket Updates – 20 MAY 2022

Good afternoon and welcome to the weekend. Can you believe we are on the final home stretch of the school year? I have heard many staff and students say they cannot believe how quickly the school year flew by.

From my seat, I am proud of all our students and staff for completing a very tough school year and all of you deserve some much needed rest!

This next week there are a multitude of activities in every building. Please make sure you look for any correspondence from your student’s principal regarding end of year activities.

On Tuesday, May 24th, the class of 2022 will be celebrating graduation. Please know that the high school campus will be closed to all activities (except school) so that our Operations Department can prepare the grounds and stadium for graduation that evening.

We are super excited to host graduation ceremonies again this year at our stadium. It should be a beautiful night for our senior class and families.

I intentionally made this Friday update brief as I am sure all of you are busy preparing for the close of the school year and planning your summer vacations. I will send out one final Superintendent Update next Friday in order to wrap up the school year. Subsequent updates will begin again in August prior to school starting.

I hope everyone has a super weekend and get ready for that final week of school! Take care and Go Rockets.


Mike Daulbaugh