1 District News Rocket Update

🚀 Rocket Updates – 27 JAN 2023

Good afternoon and happy Friday!

I hope this update finds everyone well and ready for the weekend. I personally have been sick all week and “gifted” my illness to my wife, so I know those of us at the Daulbaugh house need the weekend to just get out and do something.

There are a lot of viruses out there so make sure you keep up with your hand washing protocols and if you are sick, stay home! We still have quite a bit of winter remaining. In regards to COVID, we still have the same protocol in place if you test positive for the virus.

If you are positive for COVID, you must isolate yourself at home for five days. After five days AND if your symptoms are improving, you may return to school but must wear a mask for five additional days. If you are exposed to someone who tests positive, we ask that you monitor your health and if you begin to have symptoms take a test right away.

As you know this past week we called our first snow day of the year. Snow days are always very exciting for the kids (maybe not parents) and our goal is to give families as much notice as possible. Last week I sent out our Calamity Day Procedure and it is also located on the district website, here.

Please take some time to review the letter in order to understand how and why we make calamity day decisions. We always try to make the best decision we can with the data we have collected at the time in order to keep our students and staff safe. When we call a calamity day, we notify families by using our All-Call system, the district website, Facebook, Twitter and all of the major news outlets. If you do not receive a call, please make sure we have the correct contact information for you in Final Forms.

As we begin to track towards the spring, it is actually time to start thinking about the 2023-2024 school year. If you have a preschool age child and are interested in our integrated preschool program, please contact Julie Neal, Streetsboro Elementary School’s secretary, at (330) 626-4907. The enrollment process will begin very soon!

Interested in Kindergarten? Learn more here.

Finally, I would like to give a shout out to our District Operations Department. When inclement weather sets in, our team works very hard behind the scenes to make our campuses safe and ready for students and staff.

Also, our transportation department continues to do an outstanding job getting our students safely to and from school. If you see any of our operations team members or drivers, please let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Again I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend. And as always, GO ROCKETS!


R. Michael Daulbaugh