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🚀 Rocket Updates – August 13th, 2021

Good Afternoon Rocket Families,

I hope that you are enjoying the last few days of summer vacation and have found time to enjoy the outdoors in between the rain showers. There are a few updates to share with all of you as we prepare for the start of a new school year.

First, as many of you have probably heard, Mr. Daulbaugh is taking a leave of absence for a few weeks. Over the summer he suffered an accident and has been working on his recovery. While he has made progress, his doctors have advised time away from work, reduced screen time and rest to complete his healing. In his absence, I will be overseeing the day to day operations of the district.

Mr. Daulbaugh will continue to be involved in critical district operations. I will also be in contact with a Superintendent from the Northeast Ohio Educational Service Center as needed. We will keep you updated on Mr. Daulbaugh’s progress over the next few weeks.

As Mr. Daulbaugh shared in his update last week there has been a significant amount of guidance released in reference to COVID-19, the delta variant, and how to keep students and staff safe.

At the board meeting last night the decision was made to follow CDC guidance and strongly recommend that all students and staff wear a mask when indoors. We will continue to follow the latest guidance from the Portage County Health Department and will also be monitoring district COVID cases.

A mask mandate could be put in place at the building or district level if cases increase.

Social distancing of 3 feet when possible and increased cleaning and sanitizing protocols will continue. Federal Law requires masks on all public transportation, including our school buses, regardless of vaccination status. Our goal is to provide as normal a school year as possible while maintaining student and staff safety.

While the decision to wear a mask is up to families, please know that there are differences in quarantine recommendations due to masking.

Below is the quarantine guidance from the Portage Health Department for people identified as close contacts:

  1. FULLY VACCINATED students/staff do NOT need to quarantine from school. They may continue to attend school and participate in school based activities, but are advised to wear a mask during their quarantine period.
  2. NON-VACCINATED students/staff WEARING A MASK may continue to attend school and participate in school based activities so long as distancing and masks were appropriately used. They should continue to wear a mask during their quarantine period.
  3. NON-VACCINATED students/staff NOT WEARING A MASK will need to quarantine outside of school.

If your child tests positive for COVID, they must be kept home and the school contacted immediately. Like last year, please keep your child home if they show symptoms or are sick. COVID test kits are available for students/staff at the board office.

While the district does not place anyone in quarantine, we do have to report covid cases and close contacts to the Health Department who will issue the quarantine order.

We have updated the district website with a link to all COVID related information under the HOME tab on the district website so that you can more easily access this information. You can also find it here:

Lastly, on a more positive note, this Sunday from 2-4 at City Park the PASS committee will be welcoming families back with an ice cream social. We hope to see you there enjoying time with your families — in a socially distanced way!

Go Rockets!

Cindy Deevers
Director of Student Services