1 District News Rocket Update

🚀 Rocket Updates – March 5th, 2021

Good Afternoon Rocket Families & Happy Friday!

I hope this email finds you well and ready for the chilly weekend. It is nice to see that temperatures will be warming up significantly next week. With the pending forecast, perhaps Spring is right around the corner?

This week, we successfully returned our students to four days of in-person instruction. It was great to see the students back in the classrooms. Please know that while we are still able to meet all safety recommendations concerning social distancing, our buildings are at capacity.

⚠️ A challenge faced this week was the reminding of students to wear their masks properly; fully covering their mouth and nose at all times. As we near this “finish line” of beating this pandemic on a local and global scale, all health professionals are urging us to remain vigilant.

😷 Recent recommendations by the CDC include “double masking” to further enhance our ability to keep our germs to ourselves. Before leaving for the bus stop or climbing out of the cars in the drop off zones, remind your children that proper mask wearing is critical as we move forward with our in-person learning plan. Tell them to wash their hands or use the available hand sanitizer regularly.

Implore them to maintain their distance and not crowd the halls. We are almost there! This most unusual time could soon be over! We can’t let up now! Our students and staff want AND deserve to be in school.

✅ We are committed to returning our students to the classrooms five days a week this school year. For this to happen for our in-person learners, additional staff supports will need to be put in place.

For now, having a remote day on Wednesdays for all our students allows our synchronous remote learners to be able to continue to regularly “stream in remotely” to receive their instruction.

We are working hard to secure these supports needed to move forward with five days of in person instruction. Thank you all for your patience as we work through these most unique times!

As suspected, many of our students have fallen behind academically as a result of this pandemic. Today, I was made aware of a FREE tutoring resource offered through Cleveland State University. Students can take advantage of “drop-in” remote tutoring via Zoom on the following days:

  • Mondays: 4:00-5:00
  • Wednesdays: 5:00-6:00
  • Saturdays: 11:00-12:00
  • Sundays: 3:00-4:00

🔗 The link to log in can be found at:

As we move forward on our path to recovering from this pandemic, we are currently developing a local plan which may include after-school tutoring this spring, summer credit-recovery options for our high school students and a summer school opportunity designed to “jump start” our 2021-22 school year.

We will use spring state testing results and our local diagnostic assessments to identify students who will benefit from this additional boost.

On another topic, I would like to encourage people to consider supporting our Streetsboro Education Foundation. For years, this nonprofit foundation has provided grants to teachers to implement innovative ideas in their classrooms. The Streetsboro Education Foundation has also provided our graduates with thousands of dollars in scholarships.

🔎 Please take a look at the recently re-designed Education Foundation website ( and consider donating today.

💉 For planning purposes, please remember that our staff will be receiving the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on Thursday, March 18th (the week prior to Spring Break). To accommodate our staff in receiving this vaccination, the schedule for the week will be as follows:

  • Monday – All students in session (synchronous remote learning students at home).
  • Tuesday – All students in session (synchronous remote learning students at home).
  • Wednesday – All students in session (synchronous remote learning students at home).
  • Thursday – Asynchronous for all students.
  • Friday – Asynchronous for all students OR a district wide calamity day. (TBD)

With this second dose of the vaccination, we are hoping for a more “normal” end to the school year and perhaps a much more normal summer and fall for everyone. I remain hopeful we can return to school as we once knew it prior to the pandemic. Keep your fingers crossed.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. Please remember to stay diligent with mask wearing and social distancing so we can continue to contain the spread of the virus.

Stay safe!

R. Michael Daulbaugh