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🚀 Rocket Updates – September 3rd, 2021

Streetsboro Families,

Our students and staff are “all in” for learning as we finish out the second full week of school and there are many great things going on to celebrate.

This was the first full week of school for the kindergarten class of 2034 as well as for our littlest learners, preschool, who will be graduating in 2035, 2036 or even 2037!

MAP testing, a district initiative put in place this year to help address student learning gaps is up and running. Having this data will help teachers identify areas of student need and provide attainable academic growth targets.

SES teacher teams are collaborating with our Elementary Math Coach and planning lessons in the new Math BRIDGES curriculum. At Defer, students have been hard at work and are having in depth conversations with each other about math concepts- moving their learning to a deeper understanding.

Our student athletes at the Middle and High School are having a strong showing in the first few weeks of school. If you can, plan to attend one of their games, or a meet, and cheer them on. They always enjoy having a cheering section and represent our community with their sportsmanship and hard work! Schedules are available on the district website under the athletics tab.

If you haven’t already joined, the Streetsboro Community PTA is running their annual membership drive. This group of parent volunteers helps support our kids at each building in a variety of ways. Currently they are helping to provide upgrades at SES for the kids to have more options at recess. Check out their website for more information about their program or to order a fall mum from them.

Finally, there are differences of opinion regarding mask wearing. The end result, however, is that a mask mandate limits the number of students that need to quarantine outside of school. Our goal is to keep kids in school, learning with their classmates and teachers.

Thank you for your ongoing support while we work through the challenges that pandemic life continues to bring.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Cindy Deevers
Director of Student Services