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Operation : Rocket Fuel [A Newsletter] September 2022

Operation : Rocket Fuel [A Newsletter]
26 SEP 2022 (1st Edition)

Welcome to the Business Operations Team, and to our first newsletter! We’re comprised of multiple smaller teams that make our schools function effectively.

Our teams include Transportation, Technology, Food Services, Facilities, Business Services, and Maintenance. We also oversee school safety implementations, process improvement projects, district business opportunities, and more.

Our team provides a one-stop experience for school operations on campus and elsewhere. Building projects, 1:1 devices, graduation, state assessments, conference rooms, school picnics, field trips, ballon landings, and more – we’ll deliver so you can perform!

We plan to share a monthly glimpse into what the Operations Team is up to, and here’s our first attempt – we’d love to know what you think. Click the link to learn more about us…

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