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School Transportation @ Rocket Remote Learning Period

During the remote learning period at Streetsboro City Schools (school is still in session for Streetsboro Students, but not in-person on campus – students attend class from home via device) transportation will continue, but modified, for those students we transport to Maplewood Career Center, or other non-public or STEM schools.

Currently, the district is scheduled to be in Remote Learning from 11/30/2020 – 1/10/2021.

Streetsboro City Schools will only transport students that are currently riding on our school buses. We will not route new students during this period.

*** Please remember to be 10 minutes early to the stop location, and to wear bright colors in the wintertime so our drivers can see you. ***

Destinations & Schedules

VCA (Aurora, OH)

Dedicated bus, BUS 23, to transport from SCS Main Campus to VCA, and then from VCA back to home. The bus departs at 7:30 AM from SCS Elementary School parking lot each morning for transport to VCA.

BIOMED Ravenna + Rootstown COMBINED (Ravenna, Rootstown, OH)

*** BIOMED IS REMOTE UNTIL 1/4/2021 ***

Dedicated bus, BUS 22, to transport students from home to both BIOMED campuses and back.

Morning – Bus will pickup at home, then to Ravenna drop off, then to Rootstown drop off, meeting BIOMED’s drop-off schedules, following this general route:

Depart bus garage 7 AM –> Harper Rd 7:12 AM –> McCracken (Victory) 7:13 AM –> Bridgeport 7:21 AM –> Vantage Way 7:22 AM –> Hannum 7:24 AM –> Page Rd 7:26 AM –> 303 7:28 AM –> BIOMED Ravenna 7:45 AM –> BIOMED Rootstown 8:20 AM.

Afternoon – Bus will pickup at Ravenna 2:45 PM, then pickup Rootstown 3:15PM, then home, running the reverse route (above).


Dedicated bus, BUS 36, transporting from SHS to Maplewood and back to SHS. The bus departs SHS 7:30 AM, and returns 2:45 PM to SHS. It will make a 2nd stop in the afternoon at driveway to Henry Defer Intermediate School to accommodate those riders (current practice). Students must arrange transportation to and from all pickup / drop-off locations.

ST. PATS (Kent, OH)

Dedicated bus, BUS 2, transporting students from SCS Elementary School parking lot to St. Pats, and back home in the afternoon. The bus departs at 7:30 AM from SCS Elementary School parking lot each morning for transport to St. Pats.


Van service in the morning, departing 7:30 AM from SCS Elementary School parking lot. Dedicated bus, BUS 3, in the afternoon transporting students from Seton to home.


Dedicated bus, BUS 5, and LEAP service will run like normal, departing the bus garage at 7 AM.

Student Services Shuttles

Student Services bus will run as needed, but likely daily schedule with two loops, one for SHS/SMS, and one for DEF/SES to bring kids in for services, depending on need & building schedules.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Last updated: December 4, 2020 at 6:41 am