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SCS | A Message from Superintendent Daulbaugh | 25 MAY 2022

Dear Streetsboro Families,

In light of the recent event in Texas, I want to remind everyone that school still remains one of the safest places for our students and staff.

However, it is important that as we close out the school year, we don’t become complacent with our safety protocols. We have many safety measures in place, but we need everyone to do their part.

Staff has been reminded if they see doors propped open to close them, direct all visitors without name tags to the office and report anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Visitors to the building must sign in through the visitor management system located at the front office of every building before being able to enter the facility.

Other security measures are in place and staff review safety drills within the classroom and building-wide routinely. 

Your student may be anxious these last few days, so please take time to talk with them as needed or refer them to the school counselor if necessary.

Please encourage your child to report anything they see on social media or hear that is alarming. If your student or you see something, say something!

Working together we can all help to make these last few days of school enjoyable and safe. Please encourage your student to keep his or her chin up and try to enjoy the end of this school year.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak with your student’s building principal. 

We work best when we work together. Have a super day and final week of school.


Michael Daulbaugh