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SCS | COVID-19 Vaccines Available to Students 16+

Akron Children’s Hospital will be offering COVID-19 vaccines at your child’s school.  At this time, only students ages 16 and older are eligible to receive the Pfizer two-dose vaccine.  The first vaccination clinic for students of Streetsboro City Schools will begin April 16, 2021.

Here is some important information for you to know:

  • Vaccinations are VOLUNTARY. All health information will be kept strictly confidential by the school and Akron Children’s Hospital.
  • Student vaccinations will be given during the school day at your child’s school.
  • The amount of time a student will be out of class is expected to be 20-30 minutes.
  • Vaccinations will be administered by Akron Children’s Hospital nursing staff.
  • Students will receive the Pfizer vaccine. This is a two-dose vaccine.  The doses are scheduled 3 weeks apart.  Please review the attached information sheet from the CDC about the Pfizer vaccine.
  • Parents will not be able to accompany their child to the vaccine clinic.
  • All physical distancing and COVID safety protocols will be followed.
  • Students should wear tops that allow easy access to their shoulder for vaccination.
  • Parents are encouraged to visit for more information about COVID-19 and frequently asked questions (

If you want your child to receive this vaccine, a completed consent form must be returned to the school clinic by Wednesday, April 14


Students who do not have a completed consent form will not be scheduled for vaccination.

Consent Form

Fact Sheet for Recipients & Caregivers

Thank you for your continued partnership with Akron Children’s Hospital, School Health Services!