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SCS | COVID Vaccine Clinic Completed with 900+ Educators Vaccinated

Over 900 educators were fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine through a clinic held at Streetsboro High School in February and March, 2021.

Teachers, administrators, aides, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, maintenance staff, coaches, and others associated with five school districts attended a series of two shots over the span of 21 days.

Staff from Streetsboro, Aurora, Field, Waterloo, and Valley Christian all attended in scheduled time slots to receive their vaccine from the Giant Eagle Pharmacy team.

The Pfizer two-dose vaccine was designated for use, and administered in two 0.3 ml intramuscular injections, 21 days apart.

Tricia & Sean Speck, both SES Custodians, and kids, at the vaccine clinic.
Tricia & Sean Speck, both SES Custodians, and kids, at the vaccine clinic.

In collaboration with the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio, Streetsboro Schools hosted the clinic at the high school, and setup a model using the main gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria spaces, and associated hallways to make a one-way loop for vaccines.

The average rate was about 220 vaccinations per hour, from 8 AM to 12:30 PM on both days.

Tracey Schneeman, Ph.D, SHS Biology Teacher, gets her shot.
Tracey Schneeman, Ph.D, SHS Biology Teacher, gets her shot.

Andreas Johansson, Director of Operations at Streetsboro, guided the planning and implementation of staff and resources to make it happen, and deployed team members from teaching staff, technology support, food services, transportation, maintenance & facilities, school administration, nursing staff from two districts, and members from the Streetsboro Police & Fire Departments.

Staff that worked the event, including the Giant Eagle Pharmacy Team were served breakfast, snacks and lunch by the district’s Food Services Team. TNG Corporate team catered to all attendees with snacks, drinks, and fruit during the 15-30 minute wait period.

The vaccine clinic was highly successful, and many thanks and our gratitude go out to the following people who helped shape the experience (in no particular order):

  • Jennifer Dodd, Cuyahoga County ESC
  • Bob Mengerink, Cuyahoga County ESC
  • Russ Bennet, Cuyahoga County ESC
  • Mike Daulbaugh, SCS Superintendent
  • Gary Zdesar, Giant Eagle Pharmacy Team
  • Angela Garofalo, Giant Eagle Pharmacy Team
  • Natalie Pratte, Giant Eagle Pharmacy Team
  • Rick Alleshouse, SCS Network Operations
  • C.J. Scarcipino, SCS Treasurer
  • Dave Clark, SCS Maintenance Supervisor
  • Randy Clark, SHS Dayshift Custodian
  • John Fisher, SHS Dayshift Custodian
  • Anthony Sanz, SHS Nightshift Custodian
  • Carol Miller, SHS Nightshift Custodian
  • Joseph Schuster, District Maintenance Team
  • Jason Starcher, District Maintenance Team
  • Karly Tomayko, RN Akron Children’s Hospital
  • Breanna Smith, RN Akron Children’s Hospital
  • Lindsey K’Meyer, RN Akron Children’s Hospital
  • Sandy Petti, RN, Aurora Schools
  • Kelly Smith, RN, Aurora Schools
  • Molly Klodor, SHS ELA Teacher
  • Missy Paden, Technology & Gifted Teacher
  • Sue Stockard, BOE Administrative Assistant
  • Eileen Curtis, BOE Administrative Assistant
  • Julie Neal, SES Administrative Assistant
  • Holly Kocis, SHS Administrative Assistant
  • Alana Links, SMS Administrative Assistant
  • Lori Thomson, SCS Librarian
  • Heath Urbaniak, SCS / TNG Food Services Director
  • The Entire SCS Food Services Team
  • TNG Corporate Team
  • Jim Boardwine, SHS ELA & Media Teacher
  • Dan Stitzel, SCS District Technology Coach
  • Courtney Ruggaber, SCS Technology Intern
  • Kevin Grimm, SFD
  • Rick Owens, SFD
  • Jason Fogleman, SRO, SPD
  • Amanda Hall, Bus Driver
  • Dan Corlett, Bus Driver
  • Stephanie Adkins, Bus Driver
  • Joe Earle, Bus Driver
  • Carl Seiter, Bus Driver
  • Steve Sloane, Bus Driver
  • Ross Downing, SCS Music Teacher
  • Brett McCann, SHS Principal
  • Julie Taylor, SHS Assistant Principal

Everyone above was crucial to our success – helping with tasks like directing traffic, taking temperatures, checking people in, preparing and serving food to event staff, medical supervision, entertainment, crowd management, facilities cleaning, preparation and disinfection, problem solving, and so much more!

Thank you to everyone who made the vaccine clinic so successful!

We hope to utilize this model again if needed – for either community vaccinations, or booster shots.

Last updated: March 22, 2021 at 9:21 am