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SCS | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Negotiations Update & Board Offer

November 13, 2020

STREETSBORO, OH – The Streetsboro City School District Board of Education (“Board”) and the Streetsboro Education Association (“SEA”), which represents the District’s teaching employees, met for nine (9) hours on Thursday night under the jurisdiction of a Federal Mediator, but failed to reach an agreement.

According to Superintendent Michael Daulbaugh the meeting was arranged after the Board’s negotiating team sent an email to the Federal Mediator on Tuesday offering several dates, including making themselves available this coming weekend.  A copy of the email to the Federal Mediator has been posted on the District’s website (here), along with a copy of the follow-up email from the Board’s bargaining representative confirming their desire to meet to work out a settlement and discuss a resolution of their Unfair Labor Practice Charges.

“The Board made substantial concessions during bargaining on teacher planning time, aides for special education teachers, and establishing a standing safety and health committee to make recommendations about the environment,” said Daulbaugh. “The Board also made concessions on the MOU that the SEA inserted into the negotiations only a few weeks ago.”  A copy of the MOU offered by the Board’s team is also available on the District’s website, here. 

Additionally, the Board offered a $350 cash payment, prior to the winter break, to all SEA members during the first year of the contract, a 2.25% wage increase in the second year of the contract, and a 2.0% wage increase in the third year.  See the entire offer by the Board of Education, here.

This is in addition to the automatic pay increases most teachers receive each year of the employment. Further, the Board offered to add another “step increase” (automatic raise) to the teachers’ salary schedule.

The Board and the District’s non-teachers’ union, the Streetsboro School Support Association (“SSSPA”), are scheduled to meet under the jurisdiction of a Federal Mediator on November 13, 2020.

Both unions are scheduled to begin a strike on November 18, 2020. Should a strike occur, classes will remain in session through remote learning. Correspondence will be provided to parents and students regarding the initiation of that process.

“The Board team offered to meet at 2:30 today, prior to the meeting with the SSSPA, but that offer was rejected by the SEA.   The SEA owes it to the Streetsboro community to come back to the bargaining table and try to reach a fair deal,” said Daulbaugh.  No further meetings are scheduled with the SEA.


Last updated: November 13, 2020 at 11:04 am