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SCS | Important Technology Updates for the Academic Year 2023

As we gear up for another exciting academic year, we’d like to share some important updates about the use of technology in our schools.

Technology Fee for the Year

Streetsboro City Schools prides itself on providing the best and latest technology resources for our students. To help maintain this, there’s an annual Technology Fee of $50.

This contribution ensures that students have access to the most up-to-date Chromebooks, software, and digital resources that are both safe and effective for learning.

Deadline: Please make sure to settle this fee by Friday, 9/15/2023.

Payments are easily made online via our parent portal or directly at the school office. If you have any concerns about this fee or need financial assistance, please contact your school building’s front office. We’re here to help!

Technology Fee FAQ

  • If my student is directly certified for free/reduced lunch, will they still be responsible for the tech fee? NO – Your fee will be waived.
  • Is the tech fee applicable to all students K-12? YES – All students, Kindergarten through 12th grade are issued a Chromebook in support of our learning targets and objectives.
  • What if my student goes to Maplewood? Students who attend Maplewood are not issued a device.
  • What happens if my device breaks and needs to be replaced? We will charge you a replacement fee of $250 per device.
  • Are students expected to use the device and have it ready to go each day? YES – We expect students to arrive at school with a fully charged device each day.
  • If my student uses their own device, will we still owe the tech fee? NO – If they get a personal device approved BEFORE 9/15, you will not owe the fee for this year. The device MUST meet the minimum specifications (see below).

Using Personal Devices in School

We understand the value of integrating technology into our curriculum. That’s why Streetsboro City Schools allows students to bring their own devices for educational purposes.

If your child is considering using their own device, it’s essential to ensure that it meets our minimum safety and compatibility standards.

Important: The last day to get these personal devices reviewed and approved by our Technology Department is Friday, 9/15.

Beyond this date, we’ll only permit using school-provided devices during school hours. If you need your device approved, please check-in with the district’s Media Specialist in any of our buildings.

For more details on the required device specifications and the review process, visit our website here:

In closing, your understanding and cooperation are invaluable to us. With our combined efforts, we can continue to provide an enriched learning environment where technology enhances the learning experience.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any queries or require further assistance.