Dear Streetsboro Families,

Tomorrow Streetsboro voters will be asked to make a decision regarding Issue 6 and whether or not to approve a 9 mill, five year, limited operating levy that will generate $4.4 million dollars a year. This is perhaps one of the most pivotal decisions to be made in the recent history of our school district. This decision will either enable us to continue to provide outstanding opportunities for our students or send us down a path that will be very difficult to recover from.

Many have asked how we arrived at this point financially in the district. There is not a simple answer to this question, but here are just a few examples as to why the financial need is so great:

  • No new operating money since 2010.
  • The district has welcomed more than 200 students in the last several years.
  • Loss of over $22 million in revenue between fiscal years 2010 and 2022 due to the phase-out of Tangible Personal Property Tax (TPPT).
  • New programs added since 2010 include Middle School STEM, High School STEM 4-year Engineering Program, more Advanced Placement courses, High School credit-courses offered at the middle school and additional Athletic Teams and Extra-Curricular Clubs.
  • Two elementary Guidance Counselors and a District Social Worker to help address the mental health needs of our students.

When the operating levy failed in November, the district lost a year of tax collection. As such, a number of reductions were put into place in order address the impending deficit. These cuts saved the district around $190,000 and included:

  • Elimination of all field trips funded by the district.
  • Vacated positions not being filled (bus mechanic, transportation supervisor, high school tutor).
  • Professional development for staff canceled unless substitutes were paid by an outside source.
  • Paper copy limits established for all staff.

If the levy is not approved tomorrow, we will need to make additional cuts in order to keep a positive balance in our budget. Some examples of cuts that could be made to address this deficit could include:

  • Busing to State Minimum – no busing within a two mile walk distance for grades K-8 and eliminating high school busing.
  • Full day Kindergarten to half day.
  • Elimination of Middle School Sports or moving to one team per sport at the Middle School.
  • Athletic Programs at the High School (Freshman Sports, Bowling, and others).
  • Elimination of Electives at the High School and Middle School (minimum offerings maintained to meet credit requirements for graduation).
  • 6th Grade Mohican and 8th Grade DC Trips.
  • Jobs – teachers, administrators, aides, bus drivers, custodians, maintenance.
  • Gifted Programing.
  • Arts including Drama and Theatre, Song Writing, Art, Journalism, TV Production, Radio Broadcasting, etc.

In essence, we will have to make cuts to the programs we worked so hard to build over the last several years that provide opportunities to our students that many districts do not have.

If approved, this 9 mill levy will generate $4.4 million dollars per year and will cost the homeowner of a $100,000 dollar home approximately $26.25 per month.

Let’s continue to move forward in order to make our district one we can be proud of. Strong schools equals strong communities. Go Rockets!


R. Michael Daulbaugh, Superintendent
Streetsboro City School District