There are some basic rules we ask all our passengers, students and adults alike, to adhere to while riding a Streetsboro City Schools Bus. Some are mandated by the law and spelled out in the Ohio Revised Code, while others stem from basic etiquette and the need for safety while riding the bus. It’s always a good idea to review what the expectations are, even if you’ve been riding the bus for a few years.

No student is permitted to stand while riding the bus. Since there may be up to 3 students to a seat, it is important to share space. Drivers are authorized to assign seats, and many of our drivers have done so. Do not move from your seat unless instructed to do so by the bus driver.

Loading / Getting on the Bus

  • Arrive at your designated pick up location at least ten (10) minutes before your scheduled pick up time. The bus may be a bit early, or a bit late, depending on weather conditions, if there’s a substitute driving, or other issues.
  • Wait in a safe location off the roadway. Your bus driver will determine this location. Check with your driver if you don’t know where the designated place of safety is.
  • Wait in a single file line and board the bus in an orderly manner, going immediately to your seat so that the bus is not delayed and others may board.
  • You must remain seated and facing forward at all times with the aisle clear while the bus is in motion.

Riding the Bus

  • The school bus is an extension of the classroom and conduct should be similar.
  • Go directly to an assigned or available seat so the bus may safely resume motion, remain seated and keep all aisles and exits clear
  • The driver has the authority and responsibility to maintain control of the pupils and assign seats.
  • Cell phones, chromebooks and additional electronics shall not be used in a distracting manner. The bus driver has the authority to direct students to discontinue use at any time.
  • Photographing and recording using any device while riding the bus is strictly prohibited.
  • Profanity or obscene language will not be tolerated.
  • Eating, drinking, lighting matches, smoking, spitting or littering on the bus floor with any material is not permitted.
  • Windows may be opened with permission from your driver. Do not extend any part of your body or any other objects out of a bus window at any time. Close your windows as instructed by your driver. It is prohibited by law to throw any object from a motor vehicle.
  • Any conduct that distracts the attention of the driver or that endangers lives is not permitted. Examples of this conduct are: throwing objects, wrestling, scuffling, fighting, grabbing clothing, books or other objects and passing them around the bus.
  • No tobacco, alcohol or drugs are permitted on the school bus.
  • No inflated balloons will be permitted on the school bus.
  • No weapons or firearms are permitted on a school bus.
  • No flammable gas or liquids are permitted on the school bus.
  • No glass containers shall be transported on the school bus
  • No animals except those required for Special Needs assistance.
  • All balls must be transported in an enclosed carrier and/or bag!
  • Any items to be transported on the school bus must be able to be in the seat with the student.
  • Absolute quiet must be observed while stopped at, and crossing, all railroad tracks.
  • Continued or serious misconduct or refusal to obey a driver shall be sufficient reason for referring student to their school principal.
  • Parents of students doing damage to a school bus may be billed for repair costs.

Unloading / Getting off the Bus

  • When arriving at your school, you must remain seated until the driver has instructed you to exit the bus.
  • When arriving home, you must stay seated in your seat until the bus arrives at your stop and has come to a complete stop. Do not walk up the aisle to the front of the bus while the bus is still moving.
  • After exiting the bus, you must go to your designated place of safety (to be determined by the bus driver). Do not stop for the mail, paper, trashcans, etc. You must stay in your designated place of safety until the bus has safely pulled away.

Crossing the Roadway

  • When it is necessary to cross the street to get on the bus, you must cross at least 15 feet away from the front of the bus. The driver can’t see you if you’re too close to the front of the bus!
  • Always wait for the driver’s hand signal to cross, as the driver is in a position to see traffic from both directions. Before entering the roadway, the student(s) should look in both directions to check for any traffic.
  • Remember, if your driver sounds the horn that means “DANGER”.
  • If you are crossing to go home, when the driver gives the hand signal, you will cross to the traffic edge of the bus (center of the road). You must stop and check traffic in both directions on your own. The driver will watch for traffic as well.
  • If the driver sounds the horn, this means “DANGER” and you need to look around you for the danger. If you do not see any danger, look back to the driver for further instructions.
  • After you have safely crossed the road you must go to your designated place of safety and wait there until the bus has safely pulled away. Again, do not stop for the mail, paper, trash cans, etc.