There are many questions regarding our Rocket Digital Academy. We answer some of those questions here.

  1. The students who elect to attend the Rocket Digital Academy are Streetsboro City Schools Students. State funding stays in Streetsboro (we receive around $1,900 of the $6,000 per student in funding from the State). Students who leave to go to an online charter school (not Rocket Digital Academy), the ENTIRE state per-pupil funding of $6,000 goes to that charter school. That means the difference in what we receive from the state ($1,900) and the per pupil funding ($6,000) would come from the district’s general fund. This would be approximately $4,100 per student from tax payers dollars would go from our general fund to the charter school.
  2. Rocket Digital Academy is an online curriculum aligned to the State Standards and is hosted by our Educational Service Center and Ohio Online Learning. We contract with them and our teachers can teach the courses. Students who choose the Rocket Digital Academy are Streetsboro Students. While the curriculum is not exactly what is being taught in the classrooms in Streetsboro, it does keep the same pace and students who choose this option should be able to transition back to “regular” instruction here in the district so long as they complete what is expected of them.
    AP classes can be taken through the Rocket Digital Academy but our participation in those classes is not guaranteed at this time. We are still working on this topic.
  3. Students on an IEP can participate in the Rocket Digital Academy.
  4. Students in the Rocket Digital Academy can participate in extracurricular activities and athletics. Remember, you are still a Streetsboro Rocket!
  5. We are making the recommendation to offer this program for free this year only due to the hardships families are experiencing with the pandemic.
  6. Should you choose to enroll in the Rocket Digital Academy, you will need to make a commitment for one semester. At the conclusion of the semester, you can evaluate whether or not the format is right for your student and could return to “regular” instruction at that time.
  7. If you choose to participate in the Rocket Digital Academy and the district is forced to move to a full digital curriculum (after the start of the school year), you will have to stay in the Academy until the next semester. We are working to see if there is an “opt out” option should you choose the Rocket Digital Academy and we are forced to go full digital prior to the start of the school year. Expect to hear more on this topic soon.
    Participants in both the Rocket Digital Academy and all Streetsboro Students will receive mobile technology in order to complete work digitally.
  8. If you are interested in possibly signing up for the Rocket Digital Academy, please fill out the intent form located on this page and on our website.
  9. A brochure describing the Rocket Digital Academy through Ohio Online Learning can be found at: