Dear Parents & Caregivers:

I hope this letter finds you well this summer. School will be starting before we know it! The results of your child’s state mandated testing taken last April will arrive in the mail sometime this week. We use this collected data to measure school and district successes and curriculum needs as we continue to make Streetsboro a great place for learning. Our vision is that all students in Streetsboro will demonstrate at least one year of academic growth annually. We believe student growth and achievement is our number one priority.

There is a separate scoring guide for each completed assessment. Please take some time to read the overview of the test that was taken, the score interpretation and the next steps you can do in partnership with your child’s school.

All Streetsboro schools strive to foster a strong partnership among staff, students, parents and the community. This is an important piece of our district’s strategic plan. We know that it will take all of us to achieve our lofty goals. If you have questions about this report, please reach out to your child’s teacher, counselor or building principal when we return to school next month. They can to help answer any questions you may have.


Matthew C. Ile
Director of Curriculum & Instruction