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SCS | Streetsboro Bus Drivers Train on Overturned Bus

May 17th, 2022

via Streetsboro Fire Department / Kevin Grimm

Today, bus drivers from Streetsboro City School District conducted training and reviewed options for what to do in a bus crash, using a tipped over bus in the parking lot across from the fire station. Drivers started by reviewing safety features of the bus and areas under the bus normally not visible.

Driver and Onboard Instructor Petrina Twigger reviews how the roof hatch operates on a school bus.

Drivers from the Transportation Department then got inside the bus, operated and went through the roof emergency escape hatch.

The school district Operations Department discussed and demonstrated removing windows from the bus as well.

There are many ways to exit a school bus – roof hatches, windows, the rear door, and if it’s on its side, the driver side door becomes a roof hatch!

There was a lot of discussion among drivers and the Fire Department about what to do immediately after a crash.

Different scenarios were reviewed and discussion on when it is appropriate to quickly evacuate the bus versus holding the students inside also occurred.

Later, members of Streetsboro Fire Department “B” Shift on-duty crew conducted the first of 3 days of extrication training.

Using various hand and power tools, Firefighters cut into the roof and sides of the bus, simulating the creation of larger access points to safely and easily remove victims.

Tools were also used inside the bus, as the crew cut seats loose from the floor. The extrication training will be repeated with “C” & “A” Shifts the next two days.

The Fire Department appreciated the opportunity to work with the school district’s Transportation and Operations Departments to make this training happen.

The school district team is well prepared for an emergency, and the fire department continues to train and perfect skills, learn new / review old techniques, and remain prepared for a situation we hope to never see in this community.

Finally, a big THANK YOU (from both SFD and SCS) to Fall & Stebbins Automotive Inc in Mantua for bringing the bus to us (and later disposing of it) at no cost. We greatly appreciate the partnership!