Report Cards are designed to give parents, communities, educators and policymakers information about the performance of districts and schools – to celebrate success and identify areas for improvement.

This information identifies schools to receive intensive supports, drives local conversations on continuous improvement, and provides transparent reporting on the performance of students in foundational skills and knowledge and other important outcomes such as graduation and college and career readiness. The goal is to ensure equitable outcomes and high expectations for all of Ohio’s students.

To see all report cards, including Streetsboro’s, visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website here:

Report Cards are only one part of the story. To get a fuller picture, we encourage you to visit schools, talk to educators, parents and students, and review the school’s or district’s webpage. A lot of great things are happening every day in Ohio’s schools!

To that end, here are highlights from Streetsboro City Schools’ Report Card, with local explanations, improvements, and opportunities for growth.

To see video from September’s Board meeting, where Assistant Superintendent Aireane Curtis explains some of the local data, visit our YouTube channel, and see September’s recordings.

If you have questions about the Report Card, contact our Assistant Superintendent.

Aireane Curtis
Assistant Superintendent
(330) 626-4900