Message from Superintendent Michael Daulbaugh

Over the past month or so, the Superintendents of the Metro Division of the Portage Trail Conference have been meeting regularly to discuss our collective vision for athletic programming in our schools and districts. As a group, we all agree that an education based athletic philosophy and approach best meets the needs of our students and our school districts in general.

In our meetings, we have discussed our own visions of programming and have agreed that we want to work more closely together to bring our students together across districts with opportunities for growth and development beyond competition. We came together under the premise of creating strong experiences for our student athletes.

In addition, we have discussed concerns raised by member districts related to officiating, scheduling and other aspects of the league operations within the PTC in general.

In the next few days, we will be meeting again. As a result of our discussions, it is likely that we will be separating from the PTC to form our own league. Our discussions have been fruitful and positive and we are all very excited about the potential this new venture holds for our students and communities. We hope to finalize our plans in the very near future.

As with any change, there will be some initial angst, I am sure. However, we see many positives coming from this moving forward. Soon, the news will break publicly. I wanted you to hear it first from me. Rest assured, we will keep you informed over the next few weeks with more information about this transition.