We’re pleased to launch the ability for you to track your child’s bus, either in the morning or afternoon, or when they’re attending an away game for athletics (or any other field trip). Simply select the bus to see its current location.

This system was purchased last year to enhance the overall Transportation department in tracking maintenance, location, alerts and other safety issues, with the GPS location feature deployed this week.

Please keep in mind that the GPS data is about 20 seconds delayed from real time, with the indicated location on the map being about 20 seconds behind of where the bus actually is. Depending on your network connectivity to the internet, your display of GPS data may differ as well.

Furthermore, none of the GPS tracks show the route, pickup or drop-off location, nor any other data. Remember, please be at your designated bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time in the morning.

If your child is on a field trip or athletic trip, it is likely that the driver is using their own bus. Please contact the coach to find out what bus is being used for the event so that you may track it.

Access the Bus GPS Viewer here, or via the RESOURCES > Parents menu, or from the Transportation Department menu.