At the last board meeting, Doug Palmer from OSBA presented his findings from a Transportation Routing Study we contracted him to perform.  The reason for this study was due to the many issues we have had with the new routes created at the beginning of this school year by our former transportation supervisor, Brandy Hollis.  The goal of the study was to see if there was a way to make our routes more efficient. He presented several options for the board to consider.

Please note; the options presented are all different options than our current routes.  If we do nothing, the routes will remain the same. While arrival times have gotten somewhat better, elementary students are still getting home significantly later than they have in the past.

One of the questions that has been asked over and over is why we don’t just go back to our original routes from last year.  This is not as easy as it sounds. At the conclusion of last year, we knew we had to transition to a new routing system because our old software had expired and was no longer supported.  

At that time, Mrs. Hollis was given the directive to create the routes in the new system.  Over the summer, she began creating a completely new routing system, similar to what she did in another district, that would create building specific routes thus separating students by age.  

The only exception to this was our career center students would have to ride elementary buses (as they have always done) because of their late arrival back to campus.  She was confident these routes would be more efficient and better for our students and families. The old routes were not hand-entered into the new system.

What happened next was not the anticipated results.  Through no fault of the drivers (who do an EXCELLENT job transporting our students), many significant problems occurred through the first several weeks transporting students.  

Since the beginning of school, we have worked hard to correct the mountain of issues and will continue to do so.  Our new Interim Director, Andreas Johansson (also Director of Technology), has already begun to look at changes that can be made and is in the process of developing a form to address concerns.  Look for more on this soon.

He also plans to look at the routes from last year and analyze them compared to our new routes.  Recreating these routes in the new system will take days of work and is not an easy task. This will take significant time.

Finally, Mr. Palmer did make the recommendation to move to Plan B (as seen in the documents below) as soon as possible with a long term goal of moving to Plan C.  Other options were presented as well and will now need to be considered considering that the operating levy has failed.


With the transition of directors, it would not be responsible to make major changes at this time.  But as I mentioned, we will have to consider all options with busing should our levy fail in May.

If you have any questions about the Transportation Routing Study below, please feel free to email me or Andreas Johansson.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please take some time to review the Transportation Efficiency Study that was conducted by the Ohio School Boards Association, here: Transportation Study (scanned PDF)

Thank you for all you do and Go Rockets!

 – Mike

Michael Daulbaugh

Streetsboro City Schools
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