Rockets it’s time to get your walking shoes on! The 5th annual Walk-a-Thon is coming – Friday, September 28th! This is your chance to have fun with your friends, get fit, and help make this a great year for Streetsboro Elementary. With everyone’s help, we can make the Walk-a-Thon a fun day for the whole school and the ONLY major fundraiser of the year!

100% of the funds students raise will go directly to the school to benefit our school. This years’ main focus is to purchase technology, specifically iPads and chromebooks, for classroom use. We will also use the proceeds from this fundraiser to help with educational materials, student activities and student incentives.


The walk-a-thon will take place at Streetsboro Elementary during school hours on Friday, September 28th. Participation is free and students will walk, with their classmates, during the following times:

  • 3rd grade students 9:00-10:00
  • 2nd grade students 2:00 to 3:00
  • 1st grade students 1:00 to 2:00
  • KG students 10:00 to 10:50


Previously Streetsboro Elementary has done several fundraisers per year where we have asked students to sell items for which the school earns a 40-50% profit. We are hoping that one fundraiser with 100% profit will be easier for families and just as beneficial to Streetsboro Elementary.

Our goal this year is to raise $20,000! This is based on the profits we earned from our fundraisers last year. That’s a BIG number but with your support we can achieve it! In fact, if each student is able to meet the challenge of raising $50 in donations, we will have achieved our fundraising goal for the year and won’t need to ask for families to raise any more money for the 2018-19 school year.


The process is simple. Students will ask people to be “Sponsors.”

Sponsorship is a single donation and not based on laps or minutes walked. “Sponsors” are those lovely folks who agree to donate money for your participation as a walker in the Walk-a-Thon. They may be friends, family, neighbors, and parents’ co-workers or business associates. Please do not go door-to-door unless you have an adult with you.

Checks made out to “Streetsboro City Schools” can be collected. You are responsible for giving each sponsor one of the attached receipts.
For friends and family who may be out of town, a sample pledge letter is available on the Streetsboro Elementary website. 100% of the donations will benefit Streetsboro Elementary students and since Streetsboro Elementary is a non-profit, all donations are tax deductible for your sponsors.


The Donation Envelope is where you keep track of all the people who have pledged money for you to walk and the amount that was pledged. Donation receipt forms are included inside the Donation Envelope Should you need additional receipt forms, they are available online on the Streetsboro Elementary website, or in the school office.

Steps to follow:

  • Step 1 – When you ask someone to sponsor you, tell them who you are, that you are raising money for your school, and how they can help. You might say,
    “Hello my name is ___________ and I go to school at Streetsboro Elementary. I am raising money for my school by participating in a Walk-A-Thon on Friday, September 28th at my school. Would you like to sponsor me?”
  • Step 2 – Explain that the sponsorship is a single donation, and not based on laps or minutes walked and their donation is tax-deductible. You should let the sponsor know that your money must be turned in the day before the Walk-A-Thon so you may collect the money right then, or return at a later time to pick it up prior to the Walk-A-Thon. For your safety ONLY CHECKS may be collected. Checks should be made out to “Streetsboro City Schools”.
  • Step 3 – Have sponsor fill in their name and pledge amount on the Pledge Form. Please offer your sponsors a receipt for tax purposes. We have included a sheet of them for you to separate and use. You are responsible for giving receipts to your sponsors.
  • Step 4- Always, always, always remember to say “Thank you!!” whether or not the person becomes a sponsor. Streetsboro Elementary students use good manners!

If you email someone and ask for a donation, have them send their donation to you and not to Streetsboro Elementary so that you can be sure to receive credit for the donation.


Students turn in their Sponsor Sheet and money by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th by giving their donation envelope to their classroom teacher.

If you cannot participate on the day of the Walk-a-Thon, please send the money to school earlier. For those who need additional donation envelopes and receipt sheets extras will be available in the school office.

PARENTS: Please help your student dress appropriately for the weather; we will be walking rain or shine. We’ll have plenty of water for walkers and volunteers, but we encourage walkers to bring their own water bottles labeled with their first and last name.


  • All Students reaching the goal of $25.00 or more will earn a Walk-a-Thon wristband.
  • All students reaching a goal of $50.00 or more will earn a Walk-a-Thon water bottle.
  • All students reaching a goal of $100.00 or more will earn a Walk-a-Thon tee shirt.
    All students raising $200.00 or more will have the opportunity to throw a pie at one of the principals!
    Classroom raising the most money and the class with the highest participation: Treat Party of their choice (i.e. Pizza party, Ice Cream party)


If you have questions, or are available to help at the event, please contact amanda@streetsboropta.org or tiffany@streetsboropta.org.

We’re looking forward to September 28th being a fun and fit day! Thanks so much for all of your help!