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SES | Mrs. Baker’s 3rd Grade Class & the AT&T Classroom at Kent State

11 November 2022

Streetsboro City Schools Technology Integration team and leadership at the Research Center for Educational Technology at Kent State University have long enjoyed a successful partnership in bringing unique experiences to our students.

Over the past few weeks, Mrs. Baker’s class from Streetsboro Elementary School traveled down to Kent each day to participate in technology-enhanced, standards-driven, focused instruction in Kent State’s AT&T Classroom.

Here’s more from Dr. Kratcoski, the center’s director:

“Hello Jessica [Baker]!


It has been such a joy working with you & your students. Their engagement & excitement has been such an inspiration and the way you scaffold their learning made for such a meaningful & seamless introduction of the new digital tools that were used.


Thanks so much for letting us explore Minecraft:EE with you. The videos will offer such a rich learning experience for our pre-service teacher education students.


And a special thank you to you, Dan [Stitzel] & Andreas [Johansson], for all your support.


Please keep in touch & let us know if there is anything you need as you transfer all this back to your own classroom.”

If you want to learn more about what the kids in Mrs. Baker’s class were up to in the AT&T Classroom, check out these weekly newsletters produced by the RCET Team at Kent State:

A big ‘Thank You!’ to the teams at Streetsboro for making it happen! To Tech Integration’s Dan Stitzel, SES’s Mrs. Baker and her admin team (Mrs. Abraham & Mrs. Wolf) for being willing to go, and to Mrs. Hall in Transportation for arranging a bus.

A huge thank you to bus drivers Paula McCabe and Tamieka Kent for driving our kids safely and efficiently both weeks.

We continue to be grateful to Dr. Kratcoski and her team for helping us make learning interactive, engaging, and inspiring in Streetsboro through her efforts at Kent State University.

If you have any questions about this program or other endeavors in Tech Integration, please contact us at