Please note there are some significant parking challenges associated with downtown Akron, especially around the area of graduation for Streetsboro High School students on May 28th, 2019. See information below provided by the venue.

  • Main Street (King James Way), in front of the Civic, remains open for Northbound traffic only.  Southbound traffic is currently closed.
  • Entrance to the theater will depend on where you park.
  • The sidewalks on W. Bowery are CLOSED to pedestrians.
  • Eastbound traffic on W. Bowery Street is currently closed.  Westbound traffic is open.
  • If you are parking on W. Bowery then we suggest the Cascade Parking Deck. You can enter the Civic on the Bowery St. Entrance.
  • If you are preferring to enter the theater on Main Street then the O’Neils (State Street) Parking Deck is recommended.
  • If you are using an Uber ( to come to a show, your drop off and pickup area is located at 50 W. Bowery Street.  It’s by our side entrance.
  • Please watch for uneven pavement and gravel.


  • YELLOW: The Civic.
  • ORANGE: indicates parking areas.
  • MAGENTA: indicates the current construction zone.
  • BLACK ARROWS: Indicate traffic flow direction.
  • (PLEASE NOTE: While parts of the street may remain open. This is a constant changing situation)