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TECH | New Tab! Project

11 March, 2022

Technology continues to develop and evolve, and oftentimes our students and teachers help us identify needs and wants in the classroom.

šŸš€ This week we launched a quick project to better serve all of our student users at Streetsboro.

The New Tab! Project, found here,, loads each time a chromebook is booted up, and provides quick links to some of the most common uses of our devices – classroom instruction and Google Classroom, and tools for creation including Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings.

The New Tab! Project is an excellent example where quick feedback from our staff enhanced the instructional capabilities of our classrooms, and from inception to initial deployment took less than 48 hours to ship out to 2,000 students.

This project is in development, and might break, update, change, migrate, mind-meld, or transform the way the internet works. We hope it does… and we hope to feature student suggestions and creations on the portal shortly.

Got a question or suggestion about the new portal? Email us at