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TECH | Spotlight on Technology – Rocket Coffee Shop Rolls Hot Beverages to Teachers & Staff

Spotlight on Technology – A highlight from SHS, where students combined Google Forms, Sheets, Slides, and Autocrat to create a tasty beverage service for teachers & staff.

On any given Thursday, students in Mrs. Milton’s class are rolling down the hallways with their mobile coffee cart. Each student is working on important vocational, social and functional living skills to increase their independence in a variety of ways. Mrs. Milton sought donations and grant funding to acquire a coffee maker and supplies to serve coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to staff members.

Milton knew she would collect coffee orders via a Google Form emailed to the staff, but didn’t know how she would convert those orders into an order that the students could follow. She reached out to building tech aide Molly Klodor for advice. Klodor recommended using the Google Form, a Google Sheet, a Google Slide template, and an Add-On called Autocrat to collect the data, sort each order into one panel, then print those panels onto a label. The finished project looks much like the order sticker you might find on your Starbucks cup!

Milton’s students make each custom order and deliver the coffee to teachers on Thursday mornings. Students also collect the money from the staff members and keep track of loyalty cards, which could earn someone a free coffee. Milton’s students then count the money and deposit it, in addition to paying attention to what supplies need to be reordered. Through this venture, Milton’s students are preparing for work outside of their experience at Streetsboro High School.

This story was submitted by Mrs. Molly Klodor, ELA Teacher & Technology Aide at SHS.