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Temporary Cancellation of School Bus Routes Explained

From time to time, we have to cancel a school bus route for the day due to staffing shortages. Here’s the workflow that helps us determine when this becomes necessary and how we communicate with you.

We review staffing levels daily and make transportation plans based on the available driver pools. For example, if a driver calls off sick, but another driver’s route doesn’t run that day (for a private school, perhaps), we shift resources and drivers, and make it happen.

If no regular driver is available, our secretary drives a route, in addition to performing all the tasks associated with their regular job. If one more driver calls off, our Transportation Supervisor steps in to drive a route as well.

If additional routes cannot be covered, we have no choice but to cancel the route for the day.

In that case, we call to you as soon as we know, but not after 9 PM. For example, if this is known on the night before, we try our best to get you the call early so you can make plans accordingly. If not, we send the call first thing in the morning.

Students that are transported to school via car, when the district cancels a bus, receive extra consideration for running a bit late. We understand it can be difficult to arrange for on-time transportation yourself.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. School bus driving is a unique role within the district that requires highly specialized training and licensing by the State of Ohio and the Federal Government. We are fortunate to have a dedicated team to transport our kids to and from school each day.

If you have questions about school bus transportation, call us directly at (216) 243-0950 or email at