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Check your ride schedule for your students here:

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Contact Us

We are NOT open for public visits without an appointment. We ask that you visit your child’s building instead, or give us a call, or email.


Call us directly at (216) 243-0950


Schedule a Virtual Meeting

Need to discuss a rider concern? Send an email to, and request a virtual meeting.

We’ll do our best to schedule a meeting, using Google Meet online video conferencing that you can connect to either via computer / video, or call in like a normal phone conference.

Work with Us

We’d love to have you join our team as a substitute driver (to become potential full-time), or regular contracted driver if we have an opening.

SALARY RANGE: $20.08 (Step 0) – $24.30 (Step 7)

Already have a CDL with P&S endorsement? Awesome! Apply here, and contact us at for a faster process.

Here’s what to do as a new applicant to get the ball rolling:

  1. Apply on our application portal, here.
  2. The next step in the process is to get your background check completed here at the Board of Education offices. Please call to schedule an appointment (330-626-4900 x1035).  The cost for the BCI / FBI background check is $56, payable by cash or check, paid by you.
  3. Next, secure your CDL temporary driver’s license. You can do that at almost any BMV location around the state.
  4. At this time, we will send you for a T8 physical & drug screen (see below).
  5. Once we have your background check returned and reviewed, and your temps, and your T8 & drug screen results, we can begin training.
  6. Training typically takes around 1-2 months, depending on your availability and ability to drive the bus.
  7. We will schedule you for the Pre-Service School Bus Driver training (classroom sessions, 5 days, various locations) at this time.
  8. Once ready, you will complete the required driving exam (at cost) for your CDL.
  9. After a review of all documents, training, etc. you will be issued a certificate as a school bus driver, and may begin driving with us.

Pre-Employment Driver Physical (T8) & Drug Testing Location

Before full employment, we require you to take, and pass a T8 Driver Physical exam, and pre-employment drug screen.

We will let you know when to schedule and have this completed. The district pays for this service for all new drivers.

The Transportation Office will share the details with you if you’re an applicant.

Lost & Found

Lost something on the bus? We typically bring lost items in to the office, or the driver will keep it on the bus for the next day.

Contact us on with any questions.

Student Ride / Bus Information

Please use the My Ride K-12 app to connect with, and keep track of your student’s bus ride information.

Changes to Transportation

Visit the Transportation FAQ for more on how to request a change in transportation.

Bus Routing Need to Know

  • Masks or proper face covering MUST BE WORN BY ALL RIDERS AT ALL TIMES.
  • Streetsboro only allows for 1 pick-up location and 1 drop-off location. The only time a consideration is made for an alternate stop is in an emergency.
  • Alternative bus requests are NOT granted for social or study circumstances.
  • Students MUST be out at their stop / designated place of safety 10-15 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time, and be outside of cars and ready to go.
  • Bus routes and times are approximate and subject to change.
  • Students may only bring onto the bus what can fit onto their laps.
  • If you move or need to change stops, please allow 3-5 days for the rerouting of your student.
  • Visit the Transportation FAQ for more frequently asked questions about transportation.
  • If Streetsboro City Schools are closed for inclement weather or other emergency, we will not transport to Maplewood, non-public schools, STEM schools, or charter schools.

Book a Field Trip (for SCS Staff)

Need to book a field trip or athletic* trip using our school buses? Contact us as soon as possible, and with all of the following information, and we’ll get you on the trip board.

Step #1 – get approval for field trip from your building principal and Superintendent using the current Field Trip Request Form. Once approved, we can schedule your bus ride, and we’ll need the following to make it successful:

  • Date of the trip
  • Departure location & time
  • Destination name & address
  • Return time (best estimate)
  • Your (or the group leader’s) contact information – email & cell phone
  • Number of passengers
  • Any other special information or request


*Athletic trips are booked by either Athletics Department directly. Please contact them to schedule an athletic trip.


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