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Welcome to the Treasurer’s Office at Streetsboro City Schools.


Kyle KifferKyle Kiffer
(330) 626-4900

Kyle Kiffer is very excited to join the team at Streetsboro schools. Kyle has been the Assistant Treasurer for the Strongsville City School District for two years. Before that Kyle spent ten years with the Ohio Auditor of State’s office Auditing School Districts, Cities, Village’s, Charter Schools, and Counties. Kyle started with the Auditors office as an intern and left as an Audit Manager. He has also been a swim coach for the past ten years.

Kyle enjoys coming to work knowing that every day will be different than the last. He enjoys the problem-solving process and firmly believes that organization, prioritization, education, and execution are pillars that make any job successful. Being flexible, taking ownership, and collaborating with fellow co-workers are essential to help the district be more efficient and to have a positive impact on the students, teachers, staff, and community.

Kyle received a degree in Accounting and Financial Management from Hiram College and is a member of the Accountancy Advisory Board. He has also run ten marathons and is a three-time Ironman, a 140.6-mile triathlon.

He resides in Lakewood, Ohio with his wife and two daughters.

General Fund Review & Monthly Financial Reports

Fraud Hotline

The District’s Fraud Hotline provides an avenue for an individual(s) to report fraud, waste, and abuse within the Streetsboro City School District.

To report fraud, waste, and abuse directly to Streetsboro City Schools, please click HERE.

Fraud can also be reported to the Ohio Auditor of State at

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Questions / Input regarding Federal Grant Information

The District receives various Federal Grants that have many different allowability rules. Below is a glossary of Federal Grant terms for each Federal Program.

Please let us know if you have any questions or input regarding information involving Federal Grants.

ARP ESSER Grant | Plan Summary

Financial Integrity Committee

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